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We exist to help companies inspire, adapt, and take advantage of change.

KenPoise is a subsidiary of Poise Group which was founded 22 years ago in Nigeria. Over the years, Poise has inspired a movement in the training industry. Since then, we have emerged as the pioneer and Premium Business Image Branding and Consulting firm in Nigeria.

As an authority in this space, we have defined our competencies in Performance Enhancing Corporate Culture with a focus on Total Personality Development. We have transformed and refined the personal and professional experiences of over 50,000 delegates, who have subsequently impacted their respective organizations and industries positively. Our ambition is to see leadership revolutionized to bring about positive change in society.

How we work

How we work! KenPoise is a management consulting firm providing consulting services to organisations to help them anticipate and identify human capital management needs. At Ken Poise, we work closely with your organisation to gain a deep insight into your business. We take the time to understand your organisation’s challenges, objectives, opportunities and strengths to enable us provide effective tailor made human capital solutions for your organisation. “We partner with organisations to ensure they achieve maximum efficiency with focus on increasing their core values/ services”

Who we are


To remain number one in making people great and organisations smarter.


To provide practical and exceptional career development programmes through excellence in culture, people, impact, and service delivery.


Exceptional Performance, The Will to Win, Growth, Love, Poise

Why we exist

Driving meaningful change, through quality learning experience.

With core competencies in Performance Enhancing Corporate Culture, we focus on Total Personality Development which is aimed at transforming and refining the individual to positively impact the organisation.

As a global brand, we create class and impressionable branding for personalities and organisations by providing a rich blend of ethics, etiquette, excellent service experience and best work practice. We deliver bespoke training in categories as Executive Management, Leadership, Communication, and Etiquette among others.

What we stand for

At KenPoise we believe in giving everyone an opportunity by equipping them with soft skills that allow them a space in any 21st-century organization, we are driven to transform every life that comes in contact with our organization.

With our core values at the back of every interaction, we have been able to instill Class, Prestige, Character, and Finesse in the hearts and lives of everyone working and coming in contact with us.


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