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Our Poise Graduate Finishing Academy

This academy provides the required platform for career building. This SBU is entrenched with the responsibility of bridging the gap between the knowledge gained from the formal educational sector and the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to function effectively in today’s global work environment with an emphasis on fresh graduates and entry-level staff.
Under this SBU is our Nigerian University Commission (NUC) endorsed PSENSE certification. The PSENSE Employability Skills Certifications assure employers of a job seeker’s level of competence and employability. Employing a PSENSE certified individual is employing a candidate who is ready to hit the ground running from day

1. The PSENSE Employability Skills Certification is a 3 stage certification programme: A PSENSE certified individual is better equipped to make the most effective decisions in these areas:

• Engaging Difficult People

• Situational Judgment

• Office Competence

• Interpersonal Competence

• Handling Conflict

• Prioritizing Tasks

2. Also this SBU is also charged with the responsibility of providing the PSENSE Skill & Competence Tool – a practical testing solution for recruitment, staff skill evaluation, training impact assessment and office skill proficiency.

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